About Us

About Us

In our modern and today’s life and life style – home living, office working, business endeavor are becoming more and more intense, complex and tough which is resulting into a great amount of stress and fatigue. These stress and fatigue is having definite impact on all of us. We are less sleeping, less eating, doing almost no exercise or yoga, no social interactions, no sports. The life has turned more mechanical and has almost no space for our health and fitness. We are witnessing more and more people are falling sick and getting caught by various diseases.

Since ages, human are involved into earning livelihood but before few decades the life was not so tough. People had time for himself/herself, family, children, religious activities, social activities and sports but now if you ask anybody about time, nobody is having time for living life happily by balancing it.

Balancing Life is one of the most crucial factor of a successful person’s life. One has to balance his energies and time to produce best out of the possible and for the purpose everybody of us is expected to have a routine for life including exercising and fitness.

The Promoter of CorEnergy felt this need deeply and thought of building business around this objective. The objective for bringing Health and Fitness in masses. The aim is to spread the message of “Good Health, Happy Life”.

Secondly, we all know that the world is moving towards shopping online for their daily, personal or business needs. It may be any part of our life, more and more people are now opting to buy online by using various shopping and marketplace platforms. But, what is happening? There, a lot of unfair trade practices in terms of fraud, manipulation of facts and pricing, are prevailing in market.

The buyers get ditch badly sometimes by wrong product, no product, wrong price, wrong description and so on.

The promoters of CorEnergy also have taken initiative to build an objective to provide Best Quality Product to the citizen of India and overseas at the Best Rate.

The objectives:

  • To bring Health and Fitness in society, and
  • To fight against Unfair Trade Practices

May look difficult but someday somebody has to start. CorEnergy feels it duty towards society and also a mission to convert these objectives into reality.

The Promoters are from a reputed Business Family, who are engaged into the business of manufacturing, trading and exporting Jewellery since last 50+ years and also involved in Supply Chain Management Business of products of various verticals.

To meet the objectives of CorEnergy, they are also coming up in manufacturing soon.

Vision Statement

The vision of CorEnergy is to bring awareness and initiate measures to bring Best of the Health and Fitness in our society by producing or bringing best products and services with fair trade practices.

Mission Statement

Even though the journey has just begin but the mission is to make available around 1000+ products of the Best Quality, of the Best Brands at the Best Prices by the end of 2022.


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