• Elements WELLNESS Antilergy Liquid 200 ml

Elements WELLNESS Antilergy Liquid 200 ml

There is a natural way of treating problems of allergy Elements Wellness Antilergy is a very effective solution for different allergy problems. It contains 10 natural actives like Manjistha, Khadir, Sariva and Nimba plus others help prevent and protect from allergies
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  • Immune-boosting herbs work to protect mast cells from rupture and release of histamines.
  • Some of the herbs promote excretion of histamines provides protection from an allergic reaction on skin.
  • Dose: 3 teaspoons full twice a day on an empty stomach with equal quantity of water or as directed by the physician. Much lower dose for children (1 teaspoon)


What is Allergy & how and what causes allergy ?

Allergy is a body response when confronted with a “foreign body or particle or agent” that the body does not recognize Confrontation or exposure could be through Oral ingestion including food items Nose and Lungs Contact with skin

What are the common symptoms of allergy? There are many symptoms like ?

Reddening of skin, Cough and cold and in some cases running nose (rhinitis), Irritation, reddening and watery eyes, Severe breathing problems, Reduction in immunity

What happens when we get allergy ?

Our body releases mast cells Mast cells are like gatekeepers who either allow the foreign body or react by bursting the cells to release histamine which immediately causes all the symptoms.
The result of histamine release causes allergy

Why is Ayurveda the preferred choice for treatment of allergies ?

Modern drugs may not be 100 % effective in dealing with allergy • Modern drugs – antihistamines are generally given after an allergic reaction has occurred.
Most antihistamines can cause sedation and take time to provide relief many times the number of days.
Antihistamine drugs may also cause dry nose, dry throat, blocking of the nose, reduced brain activity, lethargy and sleepy feeling, drowsiness, inability to work/drive.
Antihistamine drugs are given after the allergy has occurred and do not help in preventing allergy.

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