• Elements Wellness Fit and Slim Therapy Kit

Elements Wellness Fit and Slim Therapy Kit

Elements Wellness Fit and slim therapy is a novel solution for weight management. It consists of 3 novel products offered in a composite and attractive Kit. 1. Weight Management Shake 2. Instant Mix Formula for Weight Watchers 3. Weight Management Capsule
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What is the need for this product?

Weight Management is one of the biggest health care needs, amongst men and women, not only in India but all over the world. Everybody knows that being overweight can lead to a lot of health problems like Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, and in many cases serious problems like Diabetes and Heart-related diseases. Prevention is better than cure. This is why the company is bringing out a novel solution for weight management to help all health-conscious individuals take charge of their health.

Why are we calling this a Solution ?

We believe that Weight Management is about Discipline + Product. Proper importance needs to be given to the concept of DEL- Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle to fast track your weight management goals. What makes the Fit and slim therapy Solution so the novel is the following:

a) An educational booklet that gives valuable information on how to achieve effective weight management.

b) Detailed training on product features - which can be viewed on the youtube channel of Harvest Success Academy.

c) Continuous education and information available in the form of education on Harvest Success Academy YouTube Channel as well as through Social Media, blogs, emailers, and WhatsApp.

d) A product offering on not 1 but 3 novel products, each of which can be easily incorporated into your current lifestyle.

Tell me more about the 3 products in this Fit and slim therapy Kit

Elements Wellness Fit and slim therapy Weight Management Shake is a Nutrition Science-based product prepared as per FSDU guidelines. It is high on vegetarian-based protein. It’s a delicious replacement for either breakfast or lunch. It can be even had without milk by using water and honey. A good combination of energy and nutrition to help weight management efforts. The shake also provides a minimum of 20% RDA of key Vitamins and Minerals.

Elements Wellness Fit and slim therapy Instant Mix Formula for Weight Watcher is a preparation that can be made into a soup that has got protein, vegetables, and spices. It is ideal as a hot, light, delicious meal before dinner

Elements Wellness Fit and slim therapy Weight Management Capsule is a novel combination of Catechins, Enzymes, and Herbs that work together to promote metabolism. This product works overnight as you rest.

How to use these products?

All 3 products come in convenient daily use formats The shake and instant mix formula are available in single-use sachets while the capsules are to be taken once every day immediately after dinner.

Who can use these products?

All those over 15 years, who are concerned about the need to manage their weight, may use Elements Wellness Fit And Slim Therapy Weight Management Solution- every day, day after day, along with a discipline of proper Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle.

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