• Elements WELLNESS MELT FAT 30x14g Sachets

Elements WELLNESS MELT FAT 30x14g Sachets

Elements Wellness Melt Fat granules is a novel blend of active herbs that are known to promote metabolism as well as thermogenic activity (to create necessary warmth to increase metabolism of lipids / fat, carbohydrates) at cellular level.
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The granules contain isphagula which is known to swell in the stomach giving a sense of fullness, thereby reducing tendency to over eat. Vrikshamla, Trikatu, Amalthas, Haritaki and Guggulu are known to promote metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

Synergistic presence of Tea catechins enhances this activity and published scientific studies have demonstrated catechins to promote fat metabolism( which is the reason for the product name).

Regular consumption of Elements Wellness Melt Fat granules hence effectively supports weight management. For best results of weight management, complement consumption of this product with a healthy life style, supportive diet and adequate exercise .


Novel combination of selected ayurvedic herbs at right levels and quality in a specially formulated as granules with Catechins, Vrikshamla, Guggulu, Haritaki and 7 potent herbs.

The granules with its herbal and cardamom flavor helps you to avoid over eating, achieve better evacuation and promotes metabolism of fat and carbohydrates that are known to be causes of body weight.


Contains processed isphagula husk powder potentiated with standardized tea catechins. Has added extracts of Vrikshamla, Guggulu, Haritaki, trikatu (Shunti+black pepper+long pepper), Amalthas, Methi powder and Vidanga powder.

The granules taste is improved with sucralose and cardamom flavor. This novel combination is granulated and filled in to a sachet to provide free flowing granules of 14g per sachet.

Lifestyle Advise

Drink 2 to 4 liters of water a day. Consume fruit juices adequately. Personal hygiene to be improved.

As advised by healthcare professionals. Avoid sedentary life style, reduce or avoid alcohol intake, smoking and chewing of tobacco and lead a stress free life.

Exercises that you are comfortable like jogging, walking, specific gym, yoga for at least 45minutes a day for 5 days a week is required.

While exercising maintain a right rhythm to prevent injury to muscles or joints as well as excessive load on heart. Support additionally where possible with suitable meditation.

Additional Information to Users

It is common that weight management seekers expect rapid reduction in body weight consistently. This is possible only when Melt Fat is taken along with diet and life style advice followed fully. Proportionate reduction in benefits will be seen if dietary and life style recommendations have low or poor compliance.

Weight management seekers would get tremendous benefit if there is commitment in mind followed by Melt Fat intake + diet and life style management. The first signs of benefits are one or more of the following - feeling light, active, energetic feeling, better potty habits regularly, reduced bloating, and improved sleep.

Consider each of these as motivating factors and which should help you to increase commitment resulting in bulk and weight reduction. It is common to lose interest in about 2 months from consuming Melt Fat and not follow diet and life style which will result in reduced benefits.

Diet Advise

Consume a low calorie, low carbohydrate and low fat and fiber rich diet. Consuming millets, corns, oat and such other non- rice grains is recommended. Wheat can be taken. Supplement with plenty of fruit juices, vegetable salads, and protein rich diet. Consume milk and water adequately. Avoid too much of coffee, alcoholic drinks.

Usage levels

Adult   One sachet (14g) once a day or as advised by the physician. Take it 10-20 minutes before breakfast in the morning. One can also take it in the evening before food.        Disperse the contents of 1 sachet fully into a Glass of water about 250 to 300 ml and drink quickly the complete suspension. Follow up with another glass of water
Children    Not to be given for children up to and below 10 years age. Consult a health care expert or a physician.
Pregnant Female    Not to be given for pregnant women.

    Swirl contents of one sachet in a glass of water, drink entire contents, before breakfast on a daily basis. Follow with another glass of water. Consume Melt Fat for 3      months at a stretch.

Recommend to give gap of about a week before beginning to repeat usage. Of the product without changing the diet and Lifestyle adopted. Do Not increase the usage as it may lead to excess laxation.

Benefits of Ingredients

Chayapati ghan sattvaTea catechins standardized to 40%
Catechin contentPublished scientific studies have shown efficacy to metabolize fat at cellular level by promoting adequate metabolism. Catechins are known to have thermogenic activity.
VrikshamlaExtract of this fruit rich in hydroxyl citric acid promotes fat metabolism.
IsphagulaIs a bulk former, swells in the stomach as much as 25 times its volume, providing fullness to stomach and reduce over eating chances.
GugguluA special gum resin that is specially described in ayurveda to be “medohar” meaning fat reducer and fat fighter.
HaritakiA potent and novel ayurvedic herb that metabolizes food and helps excretion.
Amalthas,Trikatu and VidangaA combination that metabolizes both carbohydrate and fat and are also thermogenic.
Country of OriginIndia

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