• Elements WELLNESS ThyHealth Liquid 200 ml

Elements WELLNESS ThyHealth Liquid 200 ml

Using natural ingredients, Elements Wellness Thy Health liquid is one such solution for effective management of thyroid problems. It has got a combination of herbs which is a first in the market to sharply target problems of the thyroid. Aksoda, Jala khumbi Sigru and 8 such other herbs are known in Ayurvedic literature and in some cases through laboratory studies to have powerful properties. Benefits of these herbs range from regulation of thyroid function and promoting metabolism to the cleansing of the GI tract and working on mind related problems.
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The normal dosage is 20 ml twice a day but it may vary by age and condition. Consume this product regularly for 3-6 months to see visible results.

What is meant by Thyroid?

All of us are familiar with the term “Thyroid Problem”. The Thyroid is an important gland that controls the metabolism of the body.

Thyroid problems are of two types

1. Hyperthyroidism- where there is excess production of thyroid hormones or

2. Hypothyroidism – the reduced activity of the thyroid gland, leading to slow metabolic activity in the body.

What are the problems relating to Thyroid?

Thyroid problems can cause a lot of disturbance in our lives. Typical symptoms include nerve-related disorders, cardiological issues, change in weight, osteoporosis, stomach problems and even abnormal menstrual action.

While it is difficult to completely cure thyroid problems, we can manage it to reduce ill effects and enhance the quality of life.

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